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LangBox International has been involved in several projects with application software houses and computer manufacturers. A typical customer for LangBox International is a US or European company who has won a project in a foreign country, such as the Middle East, Greece or Korea, and need to localise it’s specific Unix based software application to this new target local market. Adding a very specific Complex Language Support to an existing application which is stable and bug free in English can become an issue for development groups who have knowledge in their domain and but their solutions are not localized or ready for the International market

The main services offered by LangBox International are :

 The LangBox International product porting (on other UNIX  platforms)

The Porting Service allows you to get LangBox International product on other UNIX environments such as HP/UX, IBM AIX or on other Operating Systems (we realized for instance porting for DEC VMS, OpenVMS, PowerPC or for specific applications (GIS, RDBMS forms, Browser,...) on these platforms). This operation consists mainly in recompiling the LangBox Suite of Products on the new target environment and then customize it for the specific environment which includes system libraries, architecture, calling sequence, API, default display devices, font, keyboard layout, packaging format, etc. and then run the QA test process.


 Specific Input/Output device support (terminal, printer, plotter...)

This service allows adding the support of a specific device (printer, plotter, display terminal, terminal emulator...) under the LangBox International products environment. Most of the time, it consists of a specific font development (or a fontset) which will be either soft downloaded to the device, or burned into a PROM. Some "unusual" requests for magnetic flat panels used in Airports or Touch screen LCD devices have already been supported.


 Consulting and system architecture design in Application localization

Mainly used by Software houses, this service allows you to benefit from the know-how of the LangBox International team in the implementation of Internationalization and Localization of UNIX applications. LangBox can depute some team members worldwide to study and assist in the domain of Internationalization and Arabization. In most cases, a majority of the problems are resolved through telephone conferences and/or email exchange with a hourly support fee.


 Specific font creation (Bitmap, BDF, Type1, CID...)

For specific projects and customers, LangBox International has also developed additional fonts to the basic fontset which are avail;able with Runtime licenses (See a sample set). These fonts are high quality design fonts that can be delivered in: several weights, sizes, spacing and format (TrueType, Type 1, Type 3, BDF, PCF, CID, Hershey, Bitmap, etc...)


 Translation and localization of application menus and messages

LangBox International provides developers, software houses, systems integrators, etc. with high quality software menus, messages and manuals translation. In addition, the LangBox team members are fluent in and have knowledge of Arabic, Farsi, French, German, and Vietnamese, LangBox maintains a list of highly qualified translator for several other languages.


 Internationalization Tools

Also, for it own development purpose, LangBox International has developed a suite of Internationalization tools that are useful for ‘C" Application localization process. These tools are available under our Internationalization Development packages

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