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LangBox International
(a subsidiary of eGulf Technologies, Inc. ) is a company based in Nice, South of France, and specializes in Localization and Internationalization of the UNIX Operating Systems and Software Applications.

LangBox International has developed several Internationalization packages for the UNIX Operating System. After a decade of research and development in the field of multilingual support, LangBox International introduces a support for Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Greek, Cyrillic, Turkish, Thai and Korean languages for the UNIX Operating system and applications including X-Window and Motif interfaces.  

During the years, LangBox International has been involved into major projects with International customers. These customers are well-known manufacturers of UNIX servers and Workstations, as well as software houses who have to provide turn-key solutions using localized interface. Here after is some references :

 Presentation of some References

Printrak International Inc. (USA)

  • Porting of XLANGBOX-ARA on DEC Alpha OSF1 Operating system, to arabize a X11/Motif Finger Printing system application.

Stratus Computers, Inc (USA - Hong-Kong)

  • Development of the Korean Hangul support for the Stratus FTX Unix Operating system.
  • Support of the Tektronix X Terminal.

Silicon Graphics EMDT: (Switzerland)

  • Porting of LANGBOX and XLANGBOX for the Arabic and Greek languages, under the IRIX Operating System, X11R6 - OSF/Motif 1.2 environment (ALM and GLM projects).
  • Translation of IRIX system and Z-Mail tool messages in Arabic and localization.
  • Arabization of Showcase Complex Presentation tool, including 3D text.


  • Porting of XLANGBOX for the Arabic language, under VAX/VMS 5.5 and 6.1 Operating System, X11R4 environment. This porting has been included in their Control process supervisor software (P3200) for the Cairo subway project on DEC VMS and Sun SunOS machines
  • Porting of XLANGBOX for the Arabic language, under DEC ALPHA/OpenVMS.

Gulf Computer Inc.: (U.A.E)

  • Arabization of the System9 GIS application developed by UNISYS/Computer Vision (Toronto). This project based on X11 interface, included Source code compliant adaptation, message translation, Specific Scaleable font (Hershey) development.
  • Porting of XLANGBOX-ARA for X11R5.

Control Data Inc. (Greece) - Now Syntegra

  • Porting of the LANGBOX-ARA, LANGBOX-FAR, LANGBOX-HEL, LANGBOX-CYR, LANGBOX-HEB, LANGBOX-TUR, LANGBOX-THA under EP/IX Operating System on MIPS based workstation.
  • Porting of XLANGBOX-ARA, XLANGBOX-HEL, XLANGBOX-TUR, XLANGBOX-FAR under X11R4/OSF Motif 1.1 environment.
  • Development report on the Arabization of the CARIS GIS application.

Sun Microsystems ltd (UK)

  • Porting of the LANGBOX-ARA product under the Solaris 2.x Operating System on Sparc station.

Sun Microsystems ICON : (USA)

  • Porting of XLANGBOX-ARA on Solaris 2.4
  • Development and Implementation of a new Arabic Locale Portable Layout Services based on the X/OPEN Context-dependent and Directional Text recommendations.
  • CDE Motif 1.0 Right to Left implementation based on the Portable Layout Services.

Intergraph Middle East Ltd. - (Dubai)

  • Porting of the LANGBOX-ARA product under the Clix Operating System on Clipper workstation.
  • Arabization of their proprietary Graphical User Interface: I/FORMS for the MGE GIS system.

SAGEM / Morpho Systemes

  • ALM licenses for a project in Quatar.
  • Porting of the LANGBOX-ARA product under the IBM AIX 3.2 Operating System on IBM RS/6000 workstation.- This product was included in their Finger Printing system in the Kowait Police department.
  • Consulting job in their application Arabization process.

Thomson CSF (France)

  • Porting of XLANGBOX-ARA on UNIGRAPH workstation
  • Translation to Arabic and input of application resources.

Data General (France

  • Porting of LANGBOX-ARA under DG/UX Operating System on AViiON workstation.

Bull Middle East: (Cyprus)

  • Porting of LANGBOX-ARA under BOS Operating System on DPX200 server

Siemens Nixdorf: (Germany)

  • Porting of LANGBOX-ARA and LANGBOX-FAR under SINIX Operating System on MX300 server

  • Porting of LANGBOX-ARA under the SCO UNIX Operating System on DX2000 server
  • Arabization of TCP/IP protocol (ftp and telnet services) between Wang VS and IBM RS/6000 machines.

Several other projects are treated directly by just using LANGBOX or XLANGBOX facilities. The experience of LangBox International in the Operating systems internationalization and Localization includes today dozen of different UNIX systems (e.g. SUN SunOS and Solaris, Linux, SGI IRIX, IBM AIX, DCD EP/IX, Data General DG/UX, Intergraph CLIX, SCO UNIX, SNI SINIX) including various User Interfaces (e.g. X Window X11R4, X11R5 and X11R6, OSF MOTIF 1.2 and 2.1, LessTif, GTK+, Qt, Intergraph I/FORMS, TCL/TK, etc.)


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