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LangBox For Turkish

 The Product

LANGBOX-TUR is a product designed specifically to support the Turkish alphabet. In addition to English, the Turkish languages is supported with keyboard mapping, system messages, screen and display management, collating sequences, and date and time routine services.

LANGBOX-TUR is an extension to the UNIX operating system Kernel. A virtual driver or a STREAMS module is added to the kernel, processing on exceptional basis the Turkish characters. A special shell and a variety of commands are added to complete the package.


LANGBOX-TUR will permit staff in your office to share and use existing UNIX applications in Turkish with little or no adjustement. With LANGBOX's load and go transparency a user can obtain an English word processor, data base manager, spreadsheet or any 8-bit clean application and use it immediately - with no modification to the application - in Turkish. He/She can even mix Turkish and English characters and text within one document with a keystroke. Such bilingual power and elegance was never before possible under UNIX.


The following features are available on LANGBOX-TUR:

Bilingual keyboard : The keyboard mapping may be switched to English or Turkish by a simple keystroke. Turkish letters are indicated by keyboard stickers. The Accute, Grave, Circumflex, Tilde and Diaeresis accents are available with dead keys.

Character codeset : The following character codesets are supported under LANGBOX-TUR:

    • MDA Turkish extension (PC AT and XT).
    • ISO 8859-9
    • IBM Codepage 853

LANGBOX-TUR Commands and Utilities

    Two kinds of commands are added under the LANGBOX-TUR bilingual environment.

    • The LANGBOX-TUR shell :
    • LANGBOX-TUR offers two specific shells allowing :

      • The keyboard mapping.
      • The setting of environment variable.
      • The font management and the display processing depending on the language selected.

      These shells are: ensh for English; tush for Turkish

    • The bilingual LANGBOX-TUR and UNIX commands and utilities :
    • Those commands and utilities are the following :

      • LANGBOX-TUR specific :
      • charset, tload, tloadp, fid, kbdcomp, kbdinit, tstty, tdisp, tind, 
        txtract, tconvert, codeset, omapinit..
      • Bilingual Unix command.

      These commands return national (English or Turkish) state or error messages depending on the shell selected.

Bilingual function libraries

    • C library
    • Internationalization library:

    This new function library is specially added internationalization of applications and string extraction.

 X Window Support

Terminal Emulation on all Unix Graphic User Interfaces based on X Window are supported. This includes Open Desktop of SCO, xterm on X Window, etc... The support of pure X Window/Motif application interface is available with the separate XLANGBOX-TUR package.


LANGBOX-TUR supports the following character codesets:

    • ISO 8859-9
    • MDA Turkish extension
    • IBM CP 853.
 Operating System

Ported to Interactive UNIX System V, SCO UNIX System V, SCO Xenix, IBM AIX PS/2, CDC EP/IX


All equipment running any above mentioned version of UNIX. For display devices and terminals, support is available for: Wyse Model 60, HP 700/43, Dec VT320.

For printers, support is available for IBM proprinter II and III, EPSON LQ, and HP laserjet plus and Postscript

On PC's platform, the EGA (8x14) or VGA (9x16) modes are supported with the virtual screens.

All terminals and printers supporting one of the LANGBOX-TUR codesets or downloadable are supported.

LANGBOX-TUR consists of a core system supplied in binary machine readable format on floppies, DAT or QIC tapes and/or CDROM, together with documentation, and local keyboard stickers.

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