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Year 2000 Compliance

Y2K ComplianceThe LangBox International products have successfully passed the Year 2000 certification process.  In fact, after the assessment phase, it appeared that there is no specific date related business functionality within the LangBox International Language supplement products. The reason is because these products are just dealing with I/O strings, fonts, keyboard mapping and character codeset management, and don't embbed any date calculation routines. 

The only Y2K implication that exists within the LangBox International product is the "Time Limited" licensing, issued only to customers for demo or trial purposes. For regular Permanent licenses ("UNLIMITED") this date checking code  is not used at all. In order to establish the Y2K certification for all products, this specific date function has been assessed and successfully tested for the Year 2000 roll over problem, using the following key dates : 

    • Thu Sep  9 1999 : All fields set to '9' could be test case.
    • Fri Dec 31 1999 : Last day of the current century and millenium.
    • Sat Jan  1 2000 : First day of the next century and millenium.
    • Tue Feb 29 2000 : First bi-sextil year of the new century.
    • Sun Dec 31 2000 : First year roll over of the new century.
    • Sun Sep  9 2001 : Unix time counter (in second since Jan 1, 1970) rolls from 999.999.999 to a 3:46:40 am.
This Y2K Compliance test has been successfully done on the following products : 
LangBox International Product Platform (OS, version...)
XLANGBOX-ARA 1.1 and 1.2  Sun Solaris 2.x, SunOs 4.1.3, DEC OpenVMS 6.5, DEC OSF1 3.2
LANGBOX-ARA 3.3 Sun Solaris 2.x
AXMEDIT 1.0 and 1.1 Sun Solaris 2.x, SunOs 4.1.3
XLANGBOX-HEL 1.2  Sun Solaris 2.x
XLANGBOX-TUR 1.2  Sun Solaris 2.x, DEC OpenVMS 6.5
The ALM and GLM products are using the SGI IRIX Licensing libraries : NetLS.  The Y2K compliance of this specific libraries has been confirmed by SGI be Y2K compliant for its 1.2.1 release, This package is already using 4 digits year format.

All other date management that could be displayed through the LangBox International products are directly formatted by the host operating system functions. Please check with your OS vendor for any Y2K implication on your system. 

If you have a specific need or request regarding the Y2K issue, please feel free to contact us

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